Welcome to Lube Central, McKinleyville

Recycling Program

Never an upcharge at Lube Central to you for doing the right thing. We Recycle our oil and filter materials with no hidden fees.

Lube Central takes recycling seriously as the future of our planet depends on it.  Every ounce of oil and all oil filters are recycled through a company named Asbury Environmental Inc..  All waste oil is recycled and turned into post consumer products such as fuel oils and asphalt products.
Oil filters are crushed and then head to a metal chipper where they are melted down to create new metal products.  All of our corrugated and paperboard cardboard packaging is recycled locally, as well as all plastic bottles and other plastic products.  We also recycle all office paper waste materials.  Our business actually produces little other household waste.  The "Green" initiative has been alive and well at Lube Central since day one and we are very proud of that fact!